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IV Therapy, the hidden cure.

IV Therapy Vitamins Splashing through water

Have you recently been wondering why all of our favorite celebrities have been raving about this new practice called IV Therapy? You often open social media and see people like Kim Kardashian lounging around at their go-to medical spa, hooked up to a bag that seems to be the magic elixir, and the secret to why they are so happy, healthy, and beautiful. This leaves you wondering, “What is all of the fuss about?” and “Should I be doing this treatment too?”The short answer is yes, you should be receiving this treatment, and more often than you think.

What is IV Therapy? 

Okay, let’s dive deeper into the concept of IV therapy. First, what even is it? Intravenous medicine distribution is no stranger to the medical field. Within hospitals, doctor’s offices, urgent care centers, and every place similar, this treatment is famously used to administer medication and fluids more quickly and efficiently. I know what you're thinking now, “Why are medical spas now offering these as a service?” This treatment is the hidden cure and helps to address common concerns that most of us face on the daily such as:

  • Loss of Libido or sex drive
  • Sudden unexplained weight gain or weight loss
  • Lack of focus and mental clarity
  • A lowered immune system
  • Helps to improve fitness performance and muscle recovery
  • Sudden acne breakouts and uneven complexion
  • The need for a detox
  • Hangover Cures
  • Alleviation of pain and chronic fatigue

Essentially, there is an IV drip for everything you can think of.

IV Drips We Offer

So, what IV drip treatments do we offer at our Frisco, TX-based medical spa?

  • The Executive IV Drip: This drip helps to promote mental clarity and focus. It will empower and enable your liver to detoxify the chemicals within your body, while also repairing damaged blood cells and the metabolization of prescription medicine. Where does the extra sense of clarity and focus come from? We add a high-intensity dose of vitamin B-12 to give you that extra boost.
  • The Fountain of Youth IV Drip: A crowd favorite of our esmé clients. This drip helps to rejuvenate your hair, skin, and nails to create visibly noticeable changes that will have all of your friends and family asking what you have done differently! This drip will also help to improve your mood, eliminate toxins from your system, and reduce the effects of aging. Detox and let your skin speak for itself.
  • The Natural Defense IV Drip: Feeling under the weather? Consider this IV drip to blast you with a high dose of vitamin C and plenty of other nutrients. Don’t let your immune system win, feel energized and ready for the day when you finish this treatment at esmé!
  • The Rise and Shine IV Drip: AKA our miracle hangover cure treatment! Avoid headaches, hydrate your mind and body, and cancel out your lack of motivation. Shock your body with a high dose of powerful electrolytes. It’s time to get things done! You can only lay on the couch in your pajamas for so long.

If you are generally a pretty healthy person, we recommend receiving an IV drip twice a month. Of course, should you have severe health concerns that you would like to address, you can discuss this with our nurse team at esmé to receive a personalized treatment plan. Which IV drip sounds like your missing puzzle piece to feeling and looking your best?

I bet you’re wondering how long these IV drip treatments will take at esmé, the medspa? It should take about an hour. Our talented nurse injectors will get you set up by starting an IV line. While the bag drips, you will enjoy a cozy setup equipped with lounge chairs, dim lighting, heated blankets, and free reign of our esmé Netflix account. All we’re saying is, receiving nutrient-dense drips while catching up on all of your favorite shows? That sounds like a win-win situation to us.

It’s time to take the plunge and try IV therapy out for yourself! Head to our online booking system or call our spa directly at 469-457-4855 to speak to our amazing esmé team of talent!